TEENAGE PRAYER was a digital label est. in no time or space. r.i.p.

teenageskullfux@gmail.com | | (c) 4eva

luv cover

i'm gone dap u anyway and then go home and pray for yr ass later. 0:29:00

path garden cover

when i start getting high some things just don't feel rite. video for the a side is lost for good. 0:11:19

kill ya self cover

it's such a blessing just to live in the world. video for the b side is gone. 0:11:10

giver cover

recorded in august and september 2010. 0:26:44. described as "avant-soul-pop" and "genius"

die alone cover

recorded in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010. 0:44:57.

  1. Acne
  2. Greenwalls
  3. Runnynose
  4. Mad Luv 4 Girls that Glow
  5. Down
  6. Untitled 2
  7. Naked
  8. So Cold
  9. Ndoto

swell cover

recorded sept. 2008. 0:21:29. "a story of highs and lows"

learning cover

recorded 2006, 2007 when i was 13 and 14. 0:28:39. aahhaahha...

dedc cover

recorded summer 2008. 0:05:28.

super cool super cute

my teenage years have been wasted. i know that when im 30 im gonna look back and wonder why i didnt rape every girl i saw. 0:05:26.

ann arbor cover

the first release by stoner/mystery/tommy hillfigger wearing pop punk babe. 0:15:18.

despyy bw best ever

i came too fast i think some went in. 0:07:07.

arya bw maddie

2nd single by BRETT written & recorded 2011 released on moe prayer. 0:06:04.

sweety bw bridget

conciouswetdreampop single recorded 2011 4 venerable pop label teenage prayer. 0:05:52.

n o h y p m v t

teenage prayer's last release and a new step fwd for nate g. the future is getting brighter every day. drag ur world. 0:10:51.

teenage praYer millionariez

this is beautiful and not fake. love nate g. 0:07:52.

found my place in love + and then my heart stopped beating

maybe the final release on venerable pop label teenage "plastic ppl" prayer. pls remember the special times we had & will have. love nate g. 0:04:58.

howcanyougo cover

new double a side single by nate goldsmith produced by huddie and released by fuckshit prayer. 0:06:21.

la camera cover

recorded 2010 at den sinister. 0:34:07. his seventh lp in two years, 1st for teenage prayer. singer and gtrist in NC dub punx nantan lupan. fuck the police.

  1. La Camera Sinistra
  2. Hanrahan
  3. We're Gonna Have A Funky Good Time
  4. Hardcore Might Break Your Heart (with Hank Shore)
  5. Dead Even
  6. Palm
  7. Happy Hardcore
  8. Afraid of the Hardcore (with Huddie)
  9. Brand New
  10. And Then I Kissed Your Lips (Gary Wilson)
  11. Witch Punks Fuck Off
  12. Sinister Sister (with Will Bashaw)